Geometry Tutor

Aids students and teachers the basics of Geometry Functions

Geometry Tutor intends to cushion one’s fear of Geometry. It introduces the user to geometrical shapes in a fashion that is easy and fun. The eleven different shapes and figures (circle, square, rectangle, triangle, cube, cone, cylinder, prism, pyramid, sphere and rectangular parallelepiped) are all drawn in vivid outlines and colors and are properly labeled, leading user to easily identify each and every shape.

Measurement of circumference, perimeter, area, lateral area, surface area and volume becomes so easy with Geometry Tutor. The user needs only to fill in the desired data (blanks) and press the calculate button to obtain answer.

A formula is provided for each whenever needed. Each geometric metric is provided with comprehensive help documentation. A unit converter is included as a bonus feature.

Geometry Tutor


Geometry Tutor 1.0.0